ZenBusiness Completes the Acquisition of Ureeka


ZenBusiness, the first one-stop guided platform that helps entrepreneurs create, run, and develop a successful business, announced today the purchase of Ureeka, a growth-engine platform that helps small businesses attract new clients.

The inclusion of the Ureeka platform will assist ZenBusiness’s numerous customers grow into more successful enterprises as the company continues to grow and add to its range of best-in-class solutions.

Ureeka’s platform combines technology, classes, and services to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses. It was built by experienced business owners who understand the formula proven to drive growth.By focusing on website optimization and successful marketing methods, the company, its platform, and its staff of coaches give feedback and strategy for businesses looking to increase brand awareness, leverage digital channels for client acquisition, and jumpstart sales growth.

Ureeka’s comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions will enhance ZenBusiness’s present capabilities. Ureeka was founded to assist traditional businesses prosper through new digital methods. This new arsenal of goods will be deliberately integrated to assist entrepreneurs in registering their enterprises, managing their finances, and gaining new clients.

With a similar mission to “unleashing the entrepreneur in everyone,” these two companies are poised to make entrepreneurship a viable choice for anyone.

The acquisition comes at a critical juncture for ZenBusiness, as an increasing number of people desire to be their own bosses and take control of their professional lives. Through this successful transaction, all Ureeka staff and customers have joined ZenBusiness.

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