Yes Energy Acquires Anchor Power Solutions to Enhance Power Market Modeling for Energy Transition


Yes Energy, a prominent provider of power market data in North America, has completed the acquisition of Anchor Power Solutions. Anchor Power Solutions is known for its EnCompass software, a highly flexible modeling tool for power market forecasting and resource planning in complex North American power markets. The acquisition aims to strengthen Yes Energy’s capabilities in providing reliable data and powerful tools to support decision-makers navigating the evolving energy landscape.

EnCompass, developed by Anchor Power, is a software model that assists power companies in producing market price forecasts and making optimal power supply decisions. It is designed to evaluate new technologies comprehensively, supporting decarbonization and sustainability initiatives. The model considers various factors, including reliability, regulatory requirements, policy considerations, and the economic competitiveness of different generating technologies.

Yes Energy’s mission is to empower decision-makers with reliable data and tools, and the acquisition of Anchor Power aligns with this goal. The combined expertise of both companies will provide customers with a broader range of decision-making tools to address the complexities of North American power markets.

As the energy landscape becomes more intricate, participants and investors in power markets face challenges in evaluating potential market outcomes. EnCompass allows customers to manage existing supply and demand portfolios, develop long-term resource plans, and navigate complexities such as transmission constraints, environmental obligations, demand response, and energy storage.

The acquisition will accelerate the development of EnCompass, positioning it as a leading power market modeling software for decarbonizing the grid and selecting transmission projects that enable the delivery of reliable clean power. The nodal transmission modeling capability of EnCompass, combined with Yes Energy’s solutions for short-term power market congestion analysis, aims to provide valuable insights into the dynamics of North America’s complex grid.

Norm Richardson, the founder and president of Anchor Power, expressed excitement about joining Yes Energy, emphasizing the shared commitment to customer success. The collaboration between the two companies is expected to offer powerful solutions to help customers navigate the energy transition effectively.

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