X is giving blue checks to influential users


X is revamping its blue check verification system to align with its original purpose of highlighting influential users. The platform will now automatically grant blue checkmarks to users with over 2500 verified followers or subscribers to X Premium. This move aims to recognize and distinguish individuals who have garnered significant influence on the platform.

The decision has sparked mixed reactions among users, with some embracing their newfound verification status while others view it as an unintended consequence of their active posting habits. Nevertheless, the blue check verification now signifies genuine influence rather than a desire for validation or access to premium features.

In a tweet announcing the update, Elon Musk highlighted that accounts with over 2500 verified subscriber followers would receive Premium features for free, while those surpassing 5000 followers would gain access to Premium+ features.

The move marks a return to the original purpose of the blue check, which was initially intended to verify the authenticity of influential public figures and reduce the spread of misinformation. However, distinguishing between legitimate blue check accounts and potential imposters remains a challenge, as the platform continues to grapple with issues such as spam bots and cryptocurrency scams.

While X’s efforts represent a step towards reclaiming the integrity of the blue check verification system, further measures may be necessary to ensure its effectiveness in safeguarding user trust and authenticity on the platform.

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