Twitter Transitions to X.com Amidst User Confusion and Phishing Concerns


The social media platform once known as Twitter has officially transitioned its core systems to X.com, reflecting Elon Musk’s vision for the company’s rebranding. Users typing in twitter.com will now find themselves redirected to the new domain, although the experience varies depending on the browser and login status.

At the X login page, a notification assures users that while the URL has changed, their privacy and data protection settings remain intact. This message aims to alleviate concerns during the ongoing transition.

Despite many aspects of the platform having adopted the new X branding—such as the official account, mobile apps, and the “X Premium” subscription (formerly Twitter Blue)—the URLs continued to point to twitter.com until this recent update. This gradual change has been noted as particularly awkward, highlighting the complexities involved in rebranding such a significant online presence.

The shift to X.com began in August of last year when some users noticed x.com links appearing in the share sheet of X’s iOS app. However, the inconsistent implementation has led to confusion and security issues, with cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs warning about increased phishing risks due to the disjointed transition.

Elon Musk’s connection to the x.com domain dates back to 1999 when he launched an online financial services and email payments company under that name. This venture eventually merged into what became PayPal. Musk’s ambition for X.com is to transform it into a multifaceted app akin to China’s WeChat, encompassing a broad range of services beyond social media.

As X.com continues to roll out its new identity, users should remain vigilant for further updates and potential security advisories. The platform’s evolution marks a significant shift in its operational and branding strategy under Musk’s leadership.

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