Wing Cloud Raises $20Million in Seed Funding


Wing Cloud, the company responsible for developing the innovative open-source Wing Programming Language (Winglang), has emerged from stealth mode after securing an impressive $20 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by Battery Ventures, Grove Ventures, and StageOne Ventures, with additional contributions from Secret Chord Ventures, Cerca Partners, Operator Partners, and prominent angel investors including Amit Agarwal (President at Datadog), Armon Dadgar (Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp), Benny Schnaider (Co-Founder of Salto), and Zack Kanter (Founder of Stedi), among others.

Winglang is a cutting-edge open-source programming language specifically designed for the development of distributed systems that fully utilize cloud infrastructure as primary components. The Winglang compiler generates a deployable package that encompasses infrastructure-as-code definitions compatible with platforms like Terraform, CloudFormation, and other cloud provisioning engines. Additionally, it produces Node.js code optimized for execution on various compute platforms such as AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, and edge platforms.

Elad Ben-Israel, CEO and Co-Founder of Wing Cloud, expressed the company’s vision, stating, “We aim to simplify the process of building applications on top of cloud infrastructure by abstracting away many of the complex details.” He further highlighted that while cloud computing has evolved into a powerful platform, developers and customers still grapple with challenges related to security, networking, deployment, and operations, even for relatively simple systems.

A recent survey conducted by Sentry and SlashData identified the unclear division between application and infrastructure ownership as a significant obstacle reported by software engineers. Addressing this concern, Wing Cloud has unveiled its inaugural commercial product, a private beta version of a visual cloud management solution. This solution offers both developers and operators a shared, real-time view of an application’s architecture and data flow, thereby facilitating streamlined collaboration and enhancing overall efficiency.

Wing Cloud was founded by Elad Ben-Israel, a renowned figure in the cloud infrastructure space who has created numerous open-source projects, including the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), CDK for Kubernetes (CDK8s), JSII, and Projen. Joining Ben-Israel as the COO is Shai Ber, a former software developer at Microsoft, seasoned investor, and founder who successfully sold his company Aniways to Verizon in 2015.

Industry experts have expressed enthusiasm for Winglang and its potential impact. Eric Riddoch, Senior MLOps Engineer at Benlabs, a leading entertainment AI company, commented, “Winglang has the potential to become the programming language of the future. The implications of abstracting away Pulumi, Terraform, CDK, CloudFormation, and Kubernetes YAML through a compiled cloud-oriented programming language are mind-boggling.”

With its substantial seed funding, Wing Cloud is poised to revolutionize the development of distributed systems by offering developers a powerful and intuitive programming language and accompanying tools that streamline the utilization of cloud infrastructure. As the company’s first commercial offering enters its private beta phase, anticipation grows regarding the possibilities that Wing Cloud’s innovative solutions will unlock for developers and operators in the cloud computing landscape.

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