Vector Laboratories Acquires Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes


Vector Laboratories has announced the acquisition of Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes, two companies specializing in click chemistry linkers and labeling reagents, as well as fluorescent probes and dyes, respectively. These acquisitions are expected to expand Vector Laboratories’ manufacturing and bioconjugation capabilities, allowing the company to better serve partners in the biopharma and life sciences industries.

The acquisition of a US-based manufacturing facility is also expected to improve the security of supply for Vector Laboratories’ customers. Click chemistry is a set of chemical reactions used to efficiently join molecular building blocks to form new compounds, making it useful in drug discovery, materials science, bioconjugation, and more. Click Chemistry Tools and Fluoroprobes will bring their expertise in these areas to Vector Laboratories, enabling the company to offer expanded capabilities to support its future in labeling, detecting, and conjugating.

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