Unilever Restructures, Cuts Jobs in New York Plants

Unilever is restructuring its operations, leading to 169 employees' layoffs in New York. It intends to streamline operations, focus on successful brands, and stop acquisitions while increasing production.


Unilever is implementing changes in its beauty and personal care manufacturing, resulting in the layoff of 169 employees at its Amityville and Farmingdale plants in Long Island, New York. The majority of the layoffs will affect the Amityville location and will be effective from April 5, 2024.

Unilever is ceasing manufacturing of beauty and personal care products at the Amityville facility, with plans to transfer production to other locations within its US manufacturing network.

The decision is part of Unilever’s broader restructuring strategy, aiming to streamline operations and focus on the 30 most successful brands in its portfolio. The company emphasizes realigning production to support growth plans for key product categories, including Dove, Dermalogica, and Paula’s Choice in the beauty sector.

Unilever CEO Hein Schumacher outlined the new business strategy in October, focusing on efficiency and proven success within the company’s portfolio.

This news follows Unilever’s €80 million investment in a new factory in the Philippines, aimed at meeting the rising demand for personal care products in the country.

As part of the restructuring, Unilever has sold its Dollar Shave Club brand, retaining only a minority stake. The company’s strategic shift includes a pause on further acquisitions, with a focus on boosting production levels for its Beauty & Wellbeing and Personal Care businesses.

The layoffs in New York reflect Unilever’s commitment to optimizing operations and adapting to market demands while consolidating around key brands in its portfolio.

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