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TweetDeck Rebrands to ‘XPro’ as Part of Renaming Efforts by X

Following its rebranding from TweetDeck to XPro, the popular social media management tool has announced a series of exciting updates and enhancements.


TweetDeck, the popular social media tool, has undergone a rebranding and is now called ‘XPro,’ aligning with previous renaming efforts by X. Last week, “tweet” was renamed to “post,” and “RT” (retweet) became “repost.” With these changes, the original name “TweetDeck” no longer fits the context, leading to the adoption of the new name “XPro.” The rebranding has been completed on the web, Android, and iOS platforms.

While the name “XPro” captures the app’s purpose succinctly, some users find the lack of space between the “X” and “Pro” to be visually awkward. Despite the name change, the URL remains tweetdeck.twitter.com for now, but there are hints that a change might be in the works, as x.com/profile redirects to twitter.com/profile.

X is yet to update all the copy on the website, as the tagline still mentions the old name “TweetDeck” as a powerful real-time tool for Twitter users. Multi-user support is another feature that the new XPro needs to add, particularly crucial for managing large accounts and brands.

Currently, XPro still works without a Blue subscription, but the company has previously announced that this will change in the coming days, suggesting that subscription plans may be updated to reflect the rebranded XPro.

As X continues its renaming and rebranding efforts, users can expect further updates and enhancements to XPro, empowering users with a powerful and efficient tool for managing their Twitter presence.

Following its rebranding from TweetDeck to XPro, the popular social media management tool has announced a series of exciting updates and enhancements. The move comes as part of X’s ongoing efforts to streamline its product offerings and align its brand identity.

1. Streamlined User Interface: XPro has introduced a sleek and intuitive user interface to enhance user experience. The new design ensures seamless navigation and a clutter-free workspace for users managing multiple Twitter accounts.

2. Multi-User Support: Responding to user demands, XPro has now added multi-user support, making it an indispensable tool for businesses, agencies, and social media managers handling multiple accounts simultaneously. This feature allows seamless collaboration and team management within the platform.

3. Real-time Analytics: XPro now offers comprehensive real-time analytics, enabling users to track engagement, monitor trends, and measure the impact of their tweets. With these insights, users can fine-tune their content strategy and optimize performance.

4. Content Scheduling and Queuing: To simplify content management, XPro introduces a new content scheduling feature, allowing users to plan and queue up tweets in advance. This feature is invaluable for maintaining a consistent social media presence and maximizing engagement across different time zones.

5. Enhanced Security and Privacy: XPro takes data security and user privacy seriously. With the rebranding, the platform has reinforced its commitment to protecting user information and ensuring a safe environment for social media management.

6. XPro Blue Subscription Plan: As part of the changes, XPro will soon introduce its Blue subscription plan, offering advanced features and exclusive benefits to subscribed users. The new subscription plan will unlock additional functionalities, giving users an edge in managing their Twitter presence.

“We are thrilled to present the enhanced XPro experience to our users,” said the XPro team. “Our goal is to empower businesses, social media managers, and individuals with a powerful tool that simplifies Twitter management while providing actionable insights to drive growth. With XPro, we are committed to democratizing social media management for all.”

The transition from TweetDeck to XPro reflects X’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Existing users can expect a smooth migration to the enhanced XPro platform, while new users can look forward to a robust and user-friendly solution for their Twitter management needs.

The rebranded XPro is now available across web, Android, and iOS platforms, with the subscription plan set to launch in the coming days. With the new name, innovative features, and commitment to user satisfaction, XPro stands ready to lead the way in the dynamic world of social media management.

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