Truth Social has been approved by Google for publishing in the Google Play Store


According to Google, Truth Social, the social media app endorsed by former President Donald Trump, has been authorized for the Google Play Store.

Truth Social will now be available for download on Android handsets via Google’s proprietary app store, following the company’s decision to establish stricter content filtering measures.

Google had stated that Truth Social would not be allowed to exist in its app store until it implemented regulations that adequately addressed incitement and threats of violence. It also stated that social media apps on the Google Play store must include an in-app reporting system for undesirable content.

A Google spokeswoman told CNN on Wednesday that the standards had been met.

According to Truth Social’s regulations, user content that promotes violence “may result in” the removal of that content or the account that created it from the platform.

Google added that Truth Social has agreed to enforce its anti-incitement standards.

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