Tradeweb Completes Acquisition of Yieldbroker to Expand Fixed-Income Market Presence


Tradeweb Markets, a prominent global operator of electronic marketplaces spanning rates, credit, equities, and money markets, has successfully finalized its acquisition of Yieldbroker. Yieldbroker, an Australian-based trading platform, specializes in Australian and New Zealand government bonds and interest rate derivatives for institutional and wholesale clients.

The acquisition, an all-cash transaction valued at $80 million (AUD125m), was initially announced in May 2023.

Yieldbroker also operates an electronic auction platform designed for conducting primary auctions involving Australian and New Zealand government bonds.

Both Tradeweb and Yieldbroker boast a legacy of pioneering the electronification of fixed income markets, with their founding years dating back to 1996 and 1999, respectively. By uniting these two platforms, Tradeweb aims to offer Yieldbroker’s client network the advantages of its “global multi-asset marketplace, deep liquidity, and advanced technology.” In turn, Tradeweb’s customers will gain access to the burgeoning bond and derivatives markets in Australia and New Zealand.

This acquisition underscores Tradeweb’s commitment to expanding its presence in the fixed-income market and serving a broader range of clients with enhanced liquidity and technological capabilities.

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