Thornburg’s CEO Resigns as the lawsuit goes to trial


Thornburg Investment Management President and CEO Jason Brady Resigns

Thornburg Investment Management‘s President and CEO, Jason Brady, has announced his resignation, effective later this year, after 17 years with the company. The announcement comes just as jury selection begins for a lawsuit filed by a former employee who claims he was fired for complaining that Brady promoted a romantic partner.

Brady, who has served as CEO for 7½ years, will step down from his roles as president, CEO, portfolio manager, and director of the company’s Board of Directors. However, he will continue in these positions temporarily to ensure a smooth transition to his successor, according to Michael Corrao, Thornburg’s director of global communications.

The pending lawsuit alleges that Brady promoted a romantic partner, leading to the termination of the former employee who raised concerns about the situation. The trial will proceed following Brady’s resignation announcement.

Thornburg Investment Management is a global investment firm based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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