The Stryze Group has been acquired by the Razor Group


Razor Group, a global aggregator of e-commerce consumer products enterprises, has purchased The Stryze Group of Germany.

Following the purchases of factory14 and VALOREO last year, Razor can now expand its plan to leverage on the current economic climate to promote market consolidation. Simultaneously, Upper90, a worldwide participant in the aggregator ecosystem led by Billy Libby, CEO, joined the second close of Razor’s Series C fundraising round, bringing the overall round size to €80 million.

Stryze Group, founded in December 2020 in Berlin by Sebastian Funke, Sascha Krause, Dr. Taro Niggemann, and Mark Hartmann, is a direct-to-consumer D2C brand holding company that offers high-quality D2C brands at reasonable prices for both “pull” e-commerce Amazon and other platforms and push e-commerce social media.

To that purpose, the company produces and develops its own brands, as well as purchases and scales promising D2C brands from other companies Stryze has over 30 own brands, including Agreeni, Gourmesso, Amazy, High Pulse, and Bella & Balu, with hundreds of distinct goods available in over 20 countries.

Tushar Ahluwalia, Christoph Gamon, Shrestha Chowdhury, and Dr. Oliver Dlugosch founded The Razor Group, which acquires and operates profitable Amazon FBA businesses and other online marketplace vendors. The company combines growth capital with considerable e-commerce expertise, ensuring that acquired enterprises get to the next stage of development.

Upper90 is a hybrid credit fund that supports development firms in eCommerce, Fintech, and Supply Chain Finance with customised credit and equity. The fund backs viable business ideas with predictable revenue or collateral, such as Crusoe, Clutch, Settle, Thrasio, Clearco, and Octane, who each received an initial credit line from Upper90.

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