Tencent ready to acquire Dying Light studio Techland


Tencent, the prominent Chinese holding company known for its ownership of major game studios like Riot Games and Epic Games, is expanding its portfolio with yet another acquisition – Techland, the Polish studio famous for its zombie survival games such as Dying Light and Dead Island series. CEO Pawel Marchewka confirmed the news, expressing excitement about teaming up with Tencent to realize their game development vision.

Techland faced internal struggles last year, with around 5 percent of its workforce, or 20 employees, leaving the company over a two-month period. However, with Tencent’s acquisition, Marchewka believes the company’s future looks promising and expects the “best is yet to come.”

As one of the world’s largest video game companies, Tencent is no stranger to strategic acquisitions, and it invests significantly to maintain its position in the industry. The company’s gaming portfolio includes immensely successful titles like Honor of Kings, Call of Duty: Mobile, and PUBG Mobile.

While the Techland acquisition appears favorable for the studio at present, recent industry trends indicate that the long-term outcomes of gobbling up game studios might not always be as successful as anticipated. Embracer Group, a Swedish company that owns multiple studios, including Gearbox Entertainment and Crystal Dynamics, recently announced a restructuring plan that involved pausing development on certain games and selling off studios.

Despite these challenges in the gaming industry, Techland’s alliance with Tencent offers promising opportunities for the Polish studio’s future growth and success, as they join forces to explore new horizons in game development and deliver innovative gaming experiences to players worldwide.

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