SugarCRM Acquires Sales-i to Enhance AI-Powered Revenue Intelligence


SugarCRM, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of an intelligence-driven sales automation platform, has acquired Sales-i, a Solihull, England-based provider of a revenue intelligence solution. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Strategic Synergy

With this acquisition, SugarCRM aims to enhance B2B sales performance by integrating AI-powered revenue intelligence. This integration will leverage data from both enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, providing businesses with deeper insights and improved sales strategies.

Company Leadership and Vision

  • Sales-i: Led by CEO Paul Black, Sales-i offers a revenue intelligence solution designed to make every sales conversation more insightful and profitable. Their platform uses enhanced data and analytics to give businesses a comprehensive overview of their sales performance, identifying new opportunities, and detecting changes in customer buying behavior.
  • SugarCRM: Under the leadership of CEO Craig Charlton, SugarCRM provides software solutions that help marketing, sales, and service teams achieve peak efficiency through better automation, data, and intelligence. Their platform focuses on simplifying complex tasks and providing a reliable, real-time view of customer interactions.

Impact on the Market

The combination of SugarCRM and Sales-i will create a company with more than 550 employees worldwide. This partnership aims to expand capabilities and accelerate development processes, benefiting customers with enhanced insights into customer buying behavior and sales performance.

Enhanced Capabilities

Paul Black, CEO of Sales-i, commented on the acquisition: “The partnership of Sales-i and SugarCRM has enabled companies to gain unrivaled insights into their customer buying behavior. Together, we’ll expand our capabilities and accelerate development processes that will benefit customers and create a significant market impact.”


The acquisition of Sales-i by SugarCRM signifies a strategic move to integrate AI-powered revenue intelligence into their sales automation platform. This will provide businesses with enhanced data insights and improved sales performance, creating a significant market impact and offering greater value to their global customer base.

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