Snap acquired Th3rd, a company that creates digital 3D replicas of people


Snapchat’s parent company, has quietly acquired Th3rd, a 3D scanning studio, for an undisclosed sum.

According to a company spokesperson, four team members from the Netherlands-based Th3rd have joined Snap as part of the acquisition.

Snap has acquired a number of augmented reality (AR) companies in recent years.

Snap paid $500 million in May 2021 for the acquisition of AR startup WaveOptics, which provided technology to power Snap’s Spectacles AR glasses.

Snap acquired Fit Analytics in March 2021, and Vertebrae, a 3D and AR commerce company, in July. Snap announced last year that it had acquired the augmented reality company Forma.

Snap announced a new business unit this week that will provide augmented reality solutions to retailers and businesses for integration into their apps.

The new “Augmented Reality Solutions for Business” ARES division will allow businesses to adapt Snap’s AR features for their apps and websites in order to attract customers and create more immersive experiences.

Meanwhile, Snapchat has debuted its new AI chatbot. It uses the most recent version of OpenAI’s GPT technology.

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