Slack Suffers Outage, but Service is Now Restored


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Workplace chat app Slack experienced an outage this morning, causing messages to fail to send on the platform. Reports of the issue surfaced around 5 AM ET, prompting users to report trouble with sending messages in Slack. The service’s status dashboard acknowledged the problem at 5:35 AM ET and stated that they were investigating the issue. The status was elevated to an “outage” at 5:57 AM ET, affecting various actions in Slack, including message sending and workflows.

However, as of 6:13 AM ET, Slack reported that the issues had been resolved. Users were advised to reload their apps to see the restoration. The outage impacted the browser-based service as well as the desktop and mobile apps. While some messages got through when sent via the mobile apps, the results were inconsistent.

Slack has experienced such outages in the past, although they have become less common in recent months. Typically, these issues are resolved within a couple of hours or less. As of now, the service is back up and running, and users can resume their usual activities on the platform.

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