Shadow acquires Android emulation startup Genymobile


Shadow announced that it would acquire Genymobile, the company that created Genymotion, as its first acquisition. Shadow’s cloud computing solution, which is especially effective for cloud gaming, is more known. It also provides a Nextcloud-based cloud storage service.

The French start-up Genymobile has been operating for almost ten years. It has become an expert in Android low-level development. And specifically, it has created a well-known Android emulator so that developers can test their apps under various conditions and in line with various scenarios.

The agreement’s terms are secret. Arnaud Dupuis, a co-founder and CTO of Genymobile, will continue to work for the organization and assume the role of CEO on March 1. Tim Danford, the current CEO of Genymobile, will transition to an advisory position and withdraw from the day-to-day operations of the company.

Using Genymotion, enterprise clients can run Android virtual devices on their preferred cloud platform, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or on-premises.

By moving to the cloud, you can use Genymotion for automated testing and have your continuous integration system start those tests.

Shadow recently launched its business cloud computing service. Companies have access to powerful virtual computers running Windows Server. Gaming studios, 3D animation studios, and other businesses in need of strong GPUs would find the service useful.

Shadow will be able to provide access to another another class of cloud machine—in this case, Android devices—after acquiring Genymobile.

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