Setpoint Acquires Resolute Diligence Solutions, Revolutionizing Fintech Lending


Setpoint, a fintech company, has completed the acquisition of Resolute Diligence Solutions, a leading due diligence provider specializing in Single Family Rental (SFR) and Residential Transition Loans (RTL). The combination of Resolute’s exceptional service and Setpoint’s advanced technology aims to transform the landscape of fintech lending.

Resolute Diligence Solutions has established itself as the preferred partner for major banks, private lenders, and originators in the industry. With a strong customer focus and extensive industry experience, Resolute has quickly risen to prominence in the diligence field for SFR and RTL transactions. Setpoint recognizes the tremendous value of Resolute’s offerings and believes that the combined capabilities of both companies will provide unparalleled solutions for capital markets borrowers and lenders.

According to Setpoint’s Co-Founder and CIO, Michael Lam, the acquisition of Resolute is highly complementary to Setpoint’s existing platform, resulting in an exceptional solution that surpasses others in the market. Setpoint’s Co-Founder and CEO, Stuart Wall, emphasizes that Resolute’s reputation among lenders and originators played a significant role in their decision to integrate Resolute into Setpoint. The goal is to create an integrated, all-in-one solution that revolutionizes capital markets operations.

Setpoint has been dedicated to building a robust infrastructure that accelerates the speed and accuracy of credit processing, increases the liquidity of underlying assets and loans, and lowers costs for both lenders and borrowers. Their offerings encompass various third-party verification services and capital markets operating software.

The acquisition of Resolute Diligence Solutions represents a significant step for Setpoint in advancing their vision of making credit more accessible and enhancing the efficiency of capital markets. The combined expertise and technology of Setpoint and Resolute are set to reshape the fintech lending landscape.

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