SentinelOne Acquires PingSafe for Over $100 Million in Swift Exit from India


SentinelOne, the AI security firm listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has successfully acquired PingSafe in a cash and stock deal valued at over $100 million, according to sources familiar with the matter.

While the deal was officially disclosed last week, the financial terms had not been revealed until now. PingSafe, a young Indian startup founded in 2021, had remained in stealth mode until last year and is backed by Peak XV’s Surge, an early-stage fund.

The company specializes in cloud native application protection platforms (CNAPP) and has gained over 50 customers, primarily in India. PingSafe’s quick journey from seed funding to a significant exit is considered one of the fastest in the Indian startup ecosystem.

SentinelOne aims to enhance its cloud security offering by integrating PingSafe’s CNAPP capabilities. The acquisition reflects the broader trend of Indian software companies targeting global expansion, showcasing the success of the new generation of Indian entrepreneurs developing SaaS solutions in the domestic market and subsequently seeking worldwide growth opportunities.

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