Sega Pays $775 Million for Angry Birds Studio Rovio


Rovio had been in talks with Israeli mobile game business Playtika prior to this agreement. The two corporations have explored a €750 million  $810 million merger. However, those talks fell through.

Rovio was founded in 2003 and grew to fame with the global success of the Angry Birds series. The brand immediately acquired popularity once the first Angry Birds series released on smartphones. It produced several spinoffs as well as two big feature pictures.

Both Sega and Rovio stand to benefit from the acquisition. The inventor of Sonic the Hedgehog intends to capitalize on Rovio’s expertise in live service mobile gaming. This is done to speed up new game development while also blending the companies’ brands. Sega also hopes to increase its footprint by leveraging Rovio’s knowledge.

Rovio can benefit from Sega’s significant cross-platform gaming experience. This might pave the way for the Angry Birds creator to branch out into console and online browser-based games.

The Sega-Rovio agreement allows both businesses to expand their game portfolios. Sega is preparing to strengthen its position in the mobile gaming industry. Rovio will look into new gaming opportunities. There may be potential for both companies to collaborate.

Haruki Satomi, President and Group CEO of Sega Sammy Holdings, voiced confidence in the significant advantages for both firms. Their brands, characters, fan communities, and corporate cultures will drive it.

Sega is now in a strong position to capitalize on the rapidly increasing global mobile gaming market, leveraging the talents of both companies to provide exciting, high-quality gaming experiences to fans all around the world.



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