Science 37 Acquires Vault Health’s Life Sciences Platform


Science 37, a leading Metasite, has announced the acquisition of the life sciences platform from Vault Health, a national leader in remote diagnostics and COVID testing. The move aims to enhance the clinical trial workflow orchestration and data interoperability capabilities of the Science 37 platform.

The acquisition will accelerate Science 37’s existing plans for developing advanced scheduling and investigational product tracking features and improving data exchange with Electronic Data Capture and Electronic Medical Record systems. This will help reduce the manual efforts required to conduct decentralized clinical trials and improve operational efficiency.

According to David Coman, CEO of Science 37, the technology architecture of the Vault Health life sciences platform is similar to Science 37’s, making integration simple. He added that the acquisition would have a positive impact on efficiency starting in the second half of 2023.

The acquisition will enable Science 37 to avoid planned spending and be cash flow neutral for Science 37 within the calendar year while providing additional capability today. Troy Bryenton, CTO of Science 37, stated that the acquisition is complementary to the company’s existing tech stack and will accelerate the product roadmap to deliver a seamless patient experience.

Science 37’s mission is to accelerate clinical research by enabling universal trial access for patients. As a single Metasite, Science 37 reaches an expanded patient population and delivers the recruiting power of up to 20 sites in one with greater patient diversity. Patients have the flexibility to participate from the comfort of their homes, at a local community provider, or at a traditional site when needed.

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