Recycle Track Systems has acquired RecycleSmart Solutions, Inc., a leading Canadian waste services provider


Recycle Track Systems ,Inc. (“RTS”) has acquired RecycleSmart Solutions, Inc., a leader in traceability and sustainability solutions for the materials, waste, and recycling industries. RecycleSmart, Canada’s leading independent provider of smart waste diversion, organic capture, and recycling management technology, has changed its name to Recycle Track Systems CA.

The acquisition includes the Pello waste sensor technology, as well as RecycleSmart’s cutting-edge Internet of Things IoT hardware and software platform.

Recycle Track Systems, which is now expanding across North America, provides a full suite of products and services to large-scale commercial enterprises such as corporate campuses, professional buildings, cities, and businesses that want to simplify operations, improve waste and recycling performance, drive efficiencies, and lower costs.

The RTS product portfolio is expanding and includes recurring waste, recycling, organics, and bulk removal services, waste diversion reporting and sustainability programs, data management, equipment rental and on-demand hauling, zero-waste consulting services, and innovative technology solutions.

Pello, an advanced AI-powered device comprised of ultrasonic sensors and a multi-spectrum camera designed to detect and measure waste bin contents in any environment, identifying contaminants and fill levels with laser-like precision, is now part of this.

The all-weather sensors are linked to cloud-based AI software with full third-party integration to existing systems, providing customers with a unified view of bin data and asset tracking.

RTS’s acquisition of RecycleSmart follows on the heels of previous acquisitions of Elytus, which added 12,000+ locations across all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and Cycle Technology, the reverse vending machine (RVM) technology and data platform that gamifies recycling and is known for rewarding fans and event goers.

RTS customers benefit from expanded sustainability services, combined technology solutions, and improved data to reduce waste and increase diversion. Recycle Track Systems, Inc. combines cutting-edge technology with personalized service to make waste disposal simpler, smarter, and more responsible.

RTS assists businesses and municipalities in easily tracking and optimizing their pickups, from on-demand removal to fully integrated waste management solutions.


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