Quext Acquires Homebase



Quext, a technology company based in Lubbock, TX, specializing in services for the multifamily industry, has acquired Homebase, a smart building technology platform provider based in Kansas City, MO. The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Quext, founded by Madera Residential, a multifamily housing investment and property management leader, offers a range of smart technology and services, including internet of things solutions, digital human customer support, broadband internet, and fintech services.

Homebase’s platform facilitates connectivity and communication for multi-tenant communities by integrating smart home devices such as access control systems, lighting, lock hardware and software, and thermostats. These devices, along with automated building systems, are connected through a building-wide WiFi and Bluetooth Mesh network. This integration allows property managers to offer residents a modern living experience while simplifying management tasks.

With this acquisition, Quext gains access to Homebase’s suite of features and solutions, enabling the development of a unified user experience for operators in the multifamily industry. As part of the deal, Blake Miller, the CEO of Homebase, will assume the role of Quext’s Chief Product Officer.

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