Proton Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Standard Notes


Proton, a leading privacy-focused startup known for its suite of secure digital tools, has expanded its portfolio by acquiring Standard Notes, an open-source note-taking application. This acquisition further solidifies Proton’s commitment to privacy and strengthens its position as a provider of comprehensive privacy-focused solutions.

Standard Notes, with a user base of over 300,000, offers a secure note-taking platform available on both mobile and desktop devices. The app’s end-to-end encryption ensures that users’ sensitive data remains private and accessible only to them. Proton founder and CEO Andy Yen highlighted the alignment of Standard Notes’ privacy-focused approach with Proton’s mission, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding user data in today’s digital landscape.

In an official announcement, Yen underscored Proton’s dedication to maintaining Standard Notes as an open-source platform, subject to regular independent audits, and committed to ongoing development and feature enhancements. Additionally, Yen assured users that pricing for Standard Notes will remain unchanged, with three subscription tiers available: Free, Productivity, and Professional.

The Free tier includes essential features such as offline access and unlimited device sync, while the Productivity tier offers advanced capabilities like markdown support and two-factor authentication for a yearly subscription fee. The Professional tier, also available on an annual basis, provides users with additional benefits such as increased cloud storage and account sharing options.

By integrating Standard Notes into its ecosystem, Proton aims to provide its community with a versatile and secure note-taking solution that complements its existing suite of privacy-centric services. The acquisition reflects Proton’s ongoing efforts to empower users to protect their digital privacy while maintaining access to essential productivity tools.

With privacy concerns becoming increasingly prevalent in the digital realm, Proton’s acquisition of Standard Notes underscores its commitment to offering robust privacy solutions tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses alike. As Proton continues to expand its offerings and user base, its dedication to privacy and security remains at the forefront of its mission.

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