Productivity platform ClickUp acquires Hypercal, a calendar startup


Productivity platform ClickUp, backed by Tiger Global and a16z, has successfully acquired Hypercal, a calendar app designed for Mac. As part of the acquisition, Ricardo Clerigo, the founder of Hypercal, will be joining ClickUp as the Head of Calendar.

Hypercal, established in 2022 in the U.K., offered a Mac app with integration capabilities across various applications such as Notion, OneNote, Apple Notes, Google Docs, Todolist, Apple Reminders, Asana, Things app, Microsoft To-Do, and Slack.

ClickUp provides a comprehensive platform for businesses, allowing them to engage in chat, collaborate on documents, manage projects, track timelines, ideate on whiteboards, and gain insights from analytical dashboards.

Zeb Evans, CEO and founder of ClickUp, confirmed the acquisition, emphasizing that Hypercal’s integration will bring new AI-powered features to ClickUp’s productivity suite. Evans stated, “It has always been ClickUp’s goal to create one app to replace them all. We’ve already eliminated the need for many apps by building docs, whiteboards, dashboards, tasks, and AI natively into our platform. Calendar has been a part of ClickUp’s product for the last 5 years, and our future vision is to connect Calendar to ‘productivity’ by evolving the core feature.”

The acquisition of Hypercal aligns with ClickUp’s strategy to offer an all-in-one solution, enhancing its capabilities and streamlining user experiences in the productivity space.

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