Pay DIRT purchases 335 acres of farmland to combat drought


Pay DIRT  LLC, a private firm specializing in high-impact investing, has purchased 335 acres of cropland in Holly, CO and Hill City, KS in order to extend its program of revolutionary soil health improvement initiatives.

To counteract drought-like circumstances in Southwestern Kansas and Eastern Colorado, corn and wheat fields will be enhanced with alley cover crops and biochar carbon technology, enhancing soil health and crop resiliency.

“Proven economic advances and the efficacy of biochar in reducing water and fertilizer inputs will increase the ROI on crop land investment. We can improve not only our business but also the environment, food nutritional value, and economy of American farm communities by employing these strategies.

Brien Wloch, a Principal and Investor at Pay DIRT, emphasizes the significance of these innovative farming practices, saying, With the ongoing and increasing risks of drought in the Western US to crop production and global food supplies, it is imperative that we invest in sustainable and long-term soil health practices right now.

According to the USDA, adding biochar to soil has been shown to reduce water use by up to 40% while increasing crop yields. Pay DIRT’s ambition to purchase tens of thousands of acres of near-degraded US farmland in order to adopt revolutionary soil health improvement technologies is supported by facts.

Pay DIRT collaborates with local farms and groups to maintain the economic benefits of their investments in these American communities.

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