Oracle Reportedly Lays Off Over 3,000 Employees from Cerner Unit


Cloud giant Oracle has allegedly terminated more than 3,000 employees from the electronic healthcare records firm Cerner, which it acquired for $28.4 billion. The layoffs occurred after the acquisition was finalized in June of the previous year and affected various departments, including marketing, engineering, accounting, legal, and product, according to a former employee cited in a recent report by Insider.

The report indicates that Oracle put a halt to raises and promotions and conducted the layoffs as recently as this month. The Cerner acquisition brought in approximately 28,000 employees, making the job cuts a significant reduction in workforce for the acquired company. Furthermore, Oracle announced earlier this year that workers should not expect any raises or promotions until 2023.

While Oracle’s layoffs in the Cerner unit unfolded, other major companies worldwide have also initiated similar downsizing measures. Recently, Amazon India underwent a fresh round of layoffs impacting employees in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) and People Experience and Technology Solutions (PXT) verticals. The ongoing downsizing is part of the 9,000-employee layoffs announced by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in March.

The current round of layoffs at Amazon India was reportedly announced in March but is now affecting individuals in Indian teams who have been handed pink slips, according to a source familiar with the matter. The downsizing efforts reflect the broader trend of companies implementing workforce reductions to streamline operations or adapt to changing market conditions.

As the employment landscape continues to evolve, affected employees and industry observers are closely monitoring developments in these companies and their strategies for the future.

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