OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan Resigns


After serving as CEO for approximately two and a half years, Ami Gan is stepping down from her role at OnlyFans. Keily Blair, the current Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, will take over as the new CEO.

During her tenure, OnlyFans, known for supporting adult content creators, achieved significant success, paying out $10 billion to creators. The platform is estimated to have made $2.5 billion in revenue in 2022, with OnlyFans retaining 20% of payments to creators.

However, being the CEO of OnlyFans comes with unique challenges. The platform faced difficulties due to changing credit card company policies and global legislation affecting online sex workers’ livelihoods. Under Gan’s watch, OnlyFans faced a major controversy when it initially announced a ban on sexually explicit content, which was later reversed. Despite the subsequent efforts to promote safer content, adult creators still constitute a significant part of the platform’s revenue.

Gan’s next venture is Hoxton Projects, a marketing company aimed at supporting business growth for founders. Her background is in marketing, having previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at OnlyFans and held communications roles in various other companies.

As the new CEO, Keily Blair’s experience in data privacy law will be valuable in ensuring user data security. Matt Reeder will replace Blair as Chief Strategy and Operations Officer, and Sue Beeby will become the Chief Communications Officer at OnlyFans.

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