Mining robotics company Nabors acquires digital twin developer MindMesh


Nabors, a manufacturer of oil and gas drilling robotics, has acquired MindMesh, an engineering technology firm. The acquisition includes the MindMesh team’s downhole simulation and modeling technologies.

Raju Gandikota, co-founder and chief technology officer of MindMesh, has also joined Nabors as a Director in the Controls and Automation group.

Several digital modeling and visualization technologies are being developed to complement Nabors’ Smart Suite of drilling automation and digitalization products.

“The technologies Raju and his team developed will rapidly advance our ability to predict drilling dysfunctions in real time, improve customer experience, and drive a competitive edge,” says Brett Schellenberg, Nabors vice president of digital solutions.

Nabors has been collaborating with Gandikota and his MindMesh team for nearly a decade. RiMo, MindMesh’s digital engineering platform, consumes critical data and employs physics, AI and machine learning-driven models, and data visualization.

The RiMo Real-Time Digital Twin platform executes multiple workflows in real time, from planning to using data-driven simulation and predictive analytics to solve drilling dysfunctions. RiMo also provides post-job analytics in a unified workflow.

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