Metaview Raises $7M to Revolutionize Hiring with AI


Metaview, a London-based startup founded by former Palantir and Uber product and engineering managers, Siadhal Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh, has secured $7 million in a funding round led by Plural, with participation from Coelius Capital and existing investors Vertex Ventures US, Seedcamp, Village Global, and notable angels.

This funding injection will be utilized to expedite product development and bolster the team, with plans to expand the engineering department by threefold over the next 18 months to introduce more impactful features for Metaview’s growing clientele.

Transforming Hiring with AI

Established in 2018, Metaview aims to revolutionize the hiring process, which has remained largely unchanged for decades. The platform leverages AI to streamline and enhance the most opaque aspect of recruitment: interviews. By capturing and analyzing conversations throughout the hiring journey, Metaview creates a centralized repository of insights for hiring teams. Through automation, the platform generates objective summaries indexed by key topics, alleviating the administrative burden associated with interviews.

According to Metaview, its platform has enabled teams to save at least 20 hours per hire, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to prioritize quality interactions with candidates and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Impressive Clientele and Vision

Metaview currently serves prominent brands such as Brex, Quora, Pleo, and Improbable, assisting them in optimizing their global hiring practices. Shahriar Tajbakhsh, CTO at Metaview, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Plural to redefine the recruitment paradigm, emphasizing the platform’s focus on leveraging AI to operationalize contextual insights from conversations, thereby revolutionizing hiring workflows.

Khaled Helioui, Partner at Plural, underscored the critical importance of hiring decisions for business success and commended Metaview for addressing the longstanding technological gap in this area. With their backgrounds at Uber and Palantir, known for their excellence in recruiting, Siadhal and Shahriar are uniquely positioned to drive positive change in the recruitment landscape. Metaview’s efforts to enhance recruitment outcomes and foster more equitable workplaces by mitigating biases in hiring processes are commendable.

Metaview’s innovative approach to leveraging AI for hiring decisions signifies a significant step forward in modernizing the recruitment process. With its recent funding infusion and impressive client roster, Metaview is poised to continue its mission of making recruitment decisions more efficient, objective, and impactful, ultimately contributing to the advancement of workplaces worldwide.

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