McDonald’s is closing corporate offices and laying off hundreds of employees


McDonald’s is closing its corporate offices in the United States from Monday to Wednesday as the company lay off hundreds of employees, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the company’s office closings.

In January, CEO Chris Kempczinski announced that the company would be cutting jobs as part of a larger corporate restructuring. Employees will be notified virtually, beginning Monday and ending Wednesday, if they are affected by the cuts, according to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s said in an internal email obtained by CNBC that it was closing its U.S. offices for those three days for employee comfort and privacy, as well as for timing because it is a busy travel week ahead of Passover and Easter.

According to Kempczinski, McDonald’s reorganization will include deprioritizing and halting certain initiatives. McDonald’s stated at the time that the layoffs were not intended to save money, but rather to help the company innovate faster and work more efficiently.

McDonald’s employed more than 150,000 people in its corporate offices and company-owned restaurants by the end of 2022. Approximately 45,000 of those workers are based in the United States.

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