Logility Acquires AI Forecasting Pioneer Garvis


Logility, a leader in prescriptive supply chain planning solutions, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Garvis, a SaaS startup specializing in AI-native demand forecasting. Garvis combines large language models like ChatGPT with AI-native forecasting, allowing users to ask questions and receive real-time answers, improving forecast accuracy and transparency.

DemandAI+, Garvis’s AI-first forecasting solution, will be embedded into Logility’s Digital Supply Chain Platform. This acquisition positions Logility as the only supply chain planning platform using Generative AI, advanced AI-driven algorithms, and machine learning.

The solution addresses base demand, promotional lift, causal forecasts, external data, and user insights within a single platform, enhancing forecast accuracy and adaptability in today’s dynamic market.

DemandAI+ has been proven in over 70 implementations, helping companies quickly translate market dynamics and buying behavior into forecasts, even for heavily promoted or highly seasonal products. Clients have reported significant benefits, including a 70% reduction in weekly planning time, a 15-30% decrease in forecast error, and improved inventory management.

This acquisition aims to advance Logility’s vision of revolutionizing supply chain planning and breaking the boundaries of traditional solutions. DemandAI+ offers users an innovative, inclusive, and intuitive approach to supply chain planning, enabling organizations to adapt rapidly to market changes and disruptions.

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