KPM Analytics Acquires Food Focused AI Developer Smart Vision Works


KPM Analytics, a portfolio company of Union Park Capital, announced today the acquisition of Smart Vision Works, a specialized artificial intelligence (AI) technology company that provides computer vision systems for the agriculture and food industries.

Smart Vision Works has over a decade of industry experience and has proven that its proprietary machine-learning algorithms can overcome difficult machine vision problems and deliver high-quality solutions to customers. AI technology, which specializes in sorting and foreign material detection, can be used by food companies to improve efficiency and quality.

KPM Analytics’ deep commitment to the food and agriculture industries is demonstrated by this acquisition. KPM continues to invest in vision technologies to assist its customers in protecting their brand and producing the highest possible product quality.

Smart Vision Works systems sort products quickly and automatically by size and defect, allowing defective items to be removed from the line. The foreign material detector, which employs artificial intelligence, is designed specifically for detecting items that do not belong. After being trained, the system can detect almost any foreign material, including plastic, cardboard, indigenous materials, metal, and even hair. This is critical for food companies to do in order to protect their customers and reduce the risk of recalls.

Smart Vision Works is well-known for its artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing technologies, which are used to sort products and detect foreign materials in food production processes. They provide precise and consistent results for vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, and other food products. KPM expands its portfolio of food quality analysis solutions by incorporating Smart Vision Works technology. KPM intends to incorporate Smart Vision Works products into the company’s existing portfolio of vision inspection systems serving the bakery, dairy, and protein markets, as well as to expand sales throughout the global market by leveraging KPM’s extensive sales and service network.

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