Klubb acquires Hematec


Klubb Group has successfully acquired Hematec Arbeitsbühnen, a long-standing distributor in Germany since 2022. This acquisition marks another significant step in Klubb’s expansion strategy, following recent successful ventures such as the acquisition of CPL in the UK and Isoli in Italy.

Hematec, a well-established player in Germany and Austria with five locations, 40 employees, and an impressive annual turnover of €23 million, will now play a pivotal role in expanding Klubb’s footprint and facilitating its direct entry into the German market.

Julien Bourrellis, CEO of Klubb Group, expressed his optimism about the acquisition, stating, “The acquisition of Hematec presents a significant opportunity for Klubb Group. The company has a strong foothold in Germany and Austria, boasting a solid reputation developed since its inception in 1999.”

As part of the deal, Dinolift will continue and expand its existing partnership with Hematec, serving as its distributor in the German and Austrian markets. Karin Godenhielm, Managing Director and Owner of Dinolift, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “We have a strong foundation to continue our positive development in the German market together with Hematec and Klubb Group. We are very happy to be part of this journey and look forward to the partnership, which will bring new opportunities for us all.”

Klubb Group is committed to maintaining Hematec’s autonomy, allowing it to operate under its own name and identity while preserving its core business. The acquisition ensures the retention of all existing jobs, and the management teams will remain unchanged to guarantee the continuity of operations.

Andreas Hänel, CEO and Founder of Hematec, who will stay on as Managing Director, expressed confidence in the future of the company under Klubb Group’s umbrella, stating, “Hematec has experienced consistent growth since its establishment in 1999, achieving a record-breaking year in 2023. However, after dedicating 24 years to developing the company to its current status, it became imperative for me to ensure its future. Klubb Group is known for its dynamism, strong focus on growth, and customer orientation. I am confident that Hematec will continue to thrive as part of this group.”

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