JPMorgan Lays Off 1,000 First Republic Employees, Representing 15% Workforce Reduction

The majority, about 85%, of First Republic's employees have been offered full-time or transitional roles within JPMorgan Chase.


JPMorgan has recently informed around 1,000 employees of First Republic Bank, which it recently acquired, that they will not be retained by the bank. This decision represents approximately 15% of First Republic’s workforce. However, the majority, about 85%, of First Republic’s employees have been offered full-time or transitional roles within JPMorgan Chase. The bank has stated that employees not offered a role will receive pay and benefits for 60 days, along with an additional lump sum payment and continuing benefits coverage.

JPMorgan has emphasized that it is committed to assisting the laid-off workers in finding new employment opportunities, whether within the bank or outside the firm. The bank currently has thousands of job openings. While specific details regarding the affected divisions of First Republic have not been disclosed, JPMorgan’s acquisition of the bank is expected to have a positive impact on its net interest income, projecting a $3 billion increase this year.

The acquisition of First Republic is seen as advantageous for JPMorgan, as the bank gains access to consumer bank branches in affluent cities such as Los Angeles and New York City. Additionally, First Republic has a strong track record of serving customers, including startups and their founders, which aligns with JPMorgan’s strategic objectives. As part of the acquisition, JPMorgan plans to consolidate certain First Republic branches that are in close proximity to each other or existing JPMorgan branches.

JPMorgan has made efforts to communicate transparently with First Republic employees since the acquisition was finalized on May 1, acknowledging the stress and uncertainty they have faced since March. The bank aims to provide clarity and closure with this announcement.

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