Integral Group has been acquired by Crisp


The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform Integral Group has been acquired by Crisp, the leading open-data platform for the retail industry. Crisp benefits from Integral Group’s robust platform, which integrates core EDI compliance with enterprise systems and applications like order management, inventory management, ERP, warehouse management, transportation management, and shipping workflows.

In grocery, retail, pharmacy, and automotive chains, Integral Group assists hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, and 3PL providers in achieving trade compliance.

Crisp’s platform has outbound integrations to BI and Cloud platforms, ingests data for its CPG customers from over 40 retailers and distributors, and pipes harmonized data sets into its native dashboards down to the store and product level. The Crisp platform provides timely retail data, granular performance reports, and useful insights to hundreds of brands.

Crisp’s goal of creating a more connected, high-performing, and sustainable supply chain is made possible by Integral’s acceptance. Crisp CEO and Founder Are Traasdahl says, “We are gaining a very talented team with deep experience supporting customers in the EDI space.” An entirely new and more in-depth set of insights can be generated by combining inventory, EDI, and point-of-sale data sets in one location to assist brands in maximizing sales opportunities and enhancing operations.

Two data sets that are essential to the supplier-retailer relationship are brought together by the acquisition.

Crisp and Integral will make it easier for retailers and suppliers to work together and make it possible for the CPG industry to integrate data throughout the entire supply chain. A new step in supply chain transparency, this collaboration enables brands to track a product’s lifecycle. With better data access, Crisp’s mission to eliminate global food waste is supported by this visibility.

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