Hickory Global Partners is acquired by InteleTravel


InteleTravel, a host travel agency, announced the acquisition of corporate travel consortium Hickory Global Partners, with plans to combine resources to target travelers who mix business and leisure travel.

Hickory will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of InteleTravel following the acquisition, the financial terms of which were not disclosed.

According to the companies, Hickory president Chris Dane will be in charge of emerging marketing opportunities, such as a new version of the Hickory Solutions365 staffing solution introduced earlier this year that provides fulfillment for leisure travel and a business travel education and certification program for InteleTravel advisors.

The companies announced a travel education and certification program for InteleTravel advisors.

We envision a consortium that leads into the next decades with a modern perspective on business and leisure travelers, as well as benefits, technology, and supply for our members to meet those needs “Dane made the announcement in a statement. InteleTravel’s resources and reach will assist us in this endeavor.

Hickory will also provide InteleTravel advisors with negotiated products and services through its air portfolio, hotel programs, and expense management tools, expanding the agents’ corporate travel opportunities.

Meanwhile, Hickory anticipates that being able to support members in leisure demand will increase volume by up to 30%, and they will gain access to previously untapped unmanaged business travel sales through InteleTravel.

Separate consortia for corporate and leisure travel markets, according to InteleTravel president James Ferrara, are outdated.

The pandemic, new technologies, and trends have changed travelers, necessitating the development of new solutions, he stated in a statement. “This merger creates a unified source of benefits and support for all travelers and the professionals who serve them—the future consortium.

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