Google Announces Layoff of Director of News Amid Global Slowdown


Google, the tech giant, has recently made headlines with its decision to lay off Madhav Chinnappa, the director of news ecosystem development at the company. Chinnappa, an Indian-born veteran, shared the news of his layoff with his followers on LinkedIn, revealing that he had spent almost 13 years at Google and had previously worked with renowned firms like BBC News, UBM, and APTN.

In his heartfelt LinkedIn post, Chinnappa expressed his pride in the accomplishments he had made during his tenure at Google. However, he also revealed that he was now on gardening leave, providing him with ample time for self-reflection on his career, life, and future endeavors. He emphasized the importance of addressing personal matters, as he acknowledged some pressing family issues that demanded his immediate attention.

Currently based in London, Chinnappa shared his plans for the coming months. He intended to take the opportunity to figure out his next steps, leveraging the Zen proverb that a tea cup must be empty before it can be filled again. Consequently, he announced his intention to take the month of August off and devote September to caring for his mother in India. Only in October did he plan to begin contemplating new work opportunities, with an eye toward undertaking new ventures in 2024.

The layoff of Madhav Chinnappa marks Google’s inclusion in the league of tech companies that are resorting to job cuts in response to the ongoing global slowdown. As the tech industry faces challenges, restructuring and cost-cutting measures have become necessary for many firms, leading to layoffs like that of Chinnappa.

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