GoLogiq to Acquire Vietnam-Based Payroll and HR Fintech Platform, Symplefy


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U.S.-based fintech and consumer data analytics provider, GoLogiq, has announced its plans to acquire Symplefy, a Vietnam-based fintech platform specializing in innovative payroll and end-to-end human resource (HR) management solutions. The acquisition will be an all-stock transaction with a value of up to $30 million, depending on performance-based earnouts.

Symplefy focuses on serving businesses in Southeast Asia, particularly in the fast-growing economy of Vietnam. The company aims to revolutionize HR and payroll management processes for corporations in the region by offering cloud-based software tools that simplify tasks, enhance workforce efficiency, and ensure compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

With a significant amount of data generated by Symplefy’s platform, GoLogiq intends to leverage its existing Radix™ Big Data analytics platform to gain valuable insights that will enhance client experiences and create cross-selling opportunities with other fintech platforms operated by GoLogiq.

The global payroll and HR solutions market is projected to experience substantial growth, with an expected 8.4% CAGR, reaching $50.4 billion by 2030. Southeast Asia is identified as a major global hub for manufacturing and trade, representing one of the fastest-growing consumer markets. Vietnam, in particular, is forecasted to experience rapid economic growth as a key beneficiary of the shift in global manufacturing supply chains towards competitive Southeast Asian manufacturing hubs.

However, operating businesses in Vietnam comes with unique challenges related to payroll and HR management regulations, including intricate labor laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, social insurance contributions, and personal income tax. Symplefy’s fintech platform aims to address these challenges and offer effective solutions to help businesses stay compliant and competitive in the growing Vietnamese economy.

Following the acquisition, Stephen R. Jones, co-founder and CEO of Symplefy, will assume the position of CFO at GoLogiq. He will also continue to serve as CEO of Symplefy, which will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of GoLogiq. The move is expected to enhance GoLogiq’s offerings in the Southeast Asian market and position the company for further growth in the global fintech landscape.

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