Gary Community Ventures Announces Resignation of Mike Johnston


Mike Johnston, Gary Community ventures

Gary Community Ventures announced today the hiring of Santhosh Ramdoss as temporary president and CEO, following the departure of Mike Johnston, the company’s former president and CEO. Ramdoss has previously served as Gary Community Ventures’ chief investment officer and will begin his new role immediately.

“Mike’s love for the people of Colorado has made him relentless in the pursuit of delivering equitable opportunities with and for the communities we serve at Gary,” said Chris Watney, board chair of Gary Community Ventures. “We will always be grateful for his commitment to realizing Sam and Nancy Gary’s vision of a Colorado where all children have the opportunity to grow up healthy and reach their full potential.”

Johnston, who stood down prior to launching his candidacy for Mayor of Denver, joined Gary in January 2020 as President and CEO. Gary launched COVIDCheck Colorado, an emergency reaction to the pandemic that distributed 1.9 million COVID-19 tests and 300,000 immunizations to Coloradans in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, under Johnston’s supervision.

Johnston assisted in the passage of Proposition EE, which provided statewide funding for universal preschool, by leveraging Gary’s Certified B Corp, Gary Ventures. He also rallied a diverse coalition of over 260 organizations and leaders to pass Proposition 123, a statewide ballot measure aimed at increasing Colorado’s affordable housing stock. Johnston and Ramdoss also worked together to expand home ownership for Black Coloradans by establishing the Dearfield Fund for Black Wealth.

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