Freuds Group Acquires Lawless Studios

This strategic partnership is expected to leverage creative disruption and guerrilla marketing to drive global client reputation and behavioral change.


Freuds Group, a prominent marketing and communications agency, has recently acquired Lawless Studio, a specialized agency known for utilizing visual art, particularly street art, to enhance brand messaging. Founded by Josh Moore, Lawless Studio collaborates with emerging artists across the UK to create visual art that supports various brands, charities, and communities in their communication strategies.

Lawless Studio is recognized for its innovative guerrilla marketing tactics, involving the creation of murals, digital displays, tattoos, and more, often taking over local landmarks to amplify campaigns. The agency tailors its art to resonate with Gen Z, considering their inclination to share content on social media platforms.

Freuds’ acquisition of Lawless Studio aims to enhance its creative capabilities and artistic expertise. By integrating Lawless Studio’s unique approach, Freuds plans to expand its offerings to both current and future clients. The partnership also serves the purpose of supporting deserving artists and providing them with recognition on a broader scale.

Arlo Brady, Chief Executive of Freuds, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting Lawless Studio’s dynamic approach and the potential for creating innovative, artist-led campaigns. Josh Moore, founder of Lawless Studio, echoed the enthusiasm, emphasizing the power of working with artists as a marketing strategy and expressing confidence in Freuds’ commitment to this approach.

The partnership between Freuds Group and Lawless Studio signifies a strategic move to leverage creative disruption, culture, and guerrilla marketing techniques to drive fame, reputation, and behavioral change for clients globally.

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