Elon Musk will lead product and engineering teams, CEO will lead teams including legal and sales


In a recent development, X, the social media company formerly known as Twitter, has reorganized its trust and safety team under the oversight of Elon Musk, the owner of X, and Linda Yaccarino, the Chief Executive Officer.

Under the new structure, X’s product and engineering team will report directly to Elon Musk, while Linda Yaccarino will be responsible for overseeing all other divisions, which includes human resources, legal, finance, sales, and operations.

The trust and safety team, which is responsible for content moderation, has faced criticism after Musk acquired the company in October. Researchers have accused X of relaxing content guardrails, leading to an increase in harmful posts on the platform. X has maintained that the majority of content views are of “healthy” posts.

In response to these concerns, Linda Yaccarino, in an email to X employees, revealed that the company is actively searching for a new leader for brand safety and suitability. This position was previously held by A.J. Brown, who worked on preventing advertisements from appearing alongside unsuitable content but left the company last month.

To strengthen the trust and safety efforts, Yaccarino outlined that three X leaders will oversee different responsibilities within the trust and safety team, including law enforcement operations and threat disruptions.

The changes to the trust and safety team come in the aftermath of Ella Irwin’s resignation as the head of the team in June. The reorganization is a part of X’s ongoing efforts to address concerns related to content moderation and to enhance user safety on the platform.

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