EK Waterblocks Lays Off 25 Percent Of Its Staff


EK Waterblocks, a prominent player in the custom liquid cooling components industry, has recently announced a significant workforce reduction, laying off 25 percent of its staff due to a downturn in sales.

According to reports from TechPowerUp, EK Waterblocks has experienced a notable decline in sales, with figures plummeting by as much as 20 percent quarterly since October 2021. Despite being among the leading brands in liquid cooling, the market for such components is relatively niche, particularly in the current economic climate.

This downturn marks a stark contrast to the company’s previous trajectory of continuous economic growth over the past five years, up until Q4 2021 when the decline in sales began. While this mass layoff is undoubtedly concerning, it appears to be part of a strategic adjustment plan aimed at ensuring the company’s continued viability.

EK Waterblocks intends to weather this economic downturn, safeguarding its ability to innovate and manufacture cooling solutions moving forward. Though the current situation may pose challenges, it’s worth noting that this measure does not signal an existential crisis for the company. Instead, it reflects a proactive effort to streamline operations and mitigate financial losses, ultimately allowing EK Waterblocks to persevere in its mission of providing high-quality cooling solutions to its customers.

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