Eat Just Lays Staff, Announces New Products



Eat Just, a leading food technology company, has announced the launch of two new products as part of its ongoing mission to create sustainable, plant-based alternatives to conventional animal products. The company, which is best known for its plant-based egg substitute, has now expanded its product line to include a vegan mayonnaise and a vegan cookie dough.

The new products are part of Eat Just’s commitment to offering consumers healthier and more sustainable alternatives to traditional animal-based products. Both the vegan mayonnaise and vegan cookie dough are made with plant-based ingredients and contain no animal products or byproducts.

“Our mission is to create delicious, sustainable plant-based alternatives to conventional animal products,” said Josh Tetrick, CEO and co-founder of Eat Just. “With the launch of these new products, we are excited to offer consumers even more options to help them make more sustainable food choices.”

The vegan mayonnaise, called Just Mayo, is made with a blend of pea protein, canola oil, and vinegar, and has a creamy texture and tangy flavor that is similar to traditional mayonnaise. The vegan cookie dough, called Just Cookie Dough, is made with a blend of oat flour, coconut sugar, and vegan chocolate chips, and can be eaten raw or baked into cookies.

Both products are now available for purchase online and at select retailers. Eat Just plans to expand distribution of the products in the coming months.

In addition to launching these new products, Eat Just has also laid off a portion of its staff. The company cited a need to restructure and reallocate resources in order to focus on its core mission of creating sustainable, plant-based food products.

“While the decision to lay off employees is never easy, we believe that it is necessary in order to ensure that we are using our resources in the most effective way possible,” said Tetrick.

Despite the layoffs, Eat Just remains committed to its mission of creating sustainable, plant-based food products. The company has received significant attention and investment from investors and consumers alike, and its products are widely recognized as a leading example of the growing trend toward plant-based foods.

In conclusion, Eat Just’s launch of two new vegan products represents a significant step forward in the company’s mission to create sustainable, plant-based alternatives to conventional animal products. While the decision to lay off staff is unfortunate, the company’s continued commitment to its core mission and its growing reputation as a leader in the plant-based food industry suggest that it is well-positioned for continued success in the years to come.

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