Dynatrace to Acquire Rookout



Dynatrace, a leader in unified observability and security, has announced its plan to acquire Rookout, a provider of enterprise-ready and privacy-aware solutions that enable developers to troubleshoot and debug actively running code in Kubernetes-hosted cloud-native applications. The addition of Rookout to the Dynatrace platform aims to empower developers to accelerate innovation and delivery of flawless and secure releases.

Traditional debugging tools and approaches only allow debugging in pre-production environments, which can limit developers’ ability to troubleshoot issues in production without disrupting services and affecting application performance. By integrating Rookout into the Dynatrace platform, developers will gain increased code-level observability in production environments. This will enable interactive and controlled troubleshooting and debugging in real-time, reducing the need to replicate issues in pre-production environments.

Moreover, the addition of Rookout to the Dynatrace platform will enhance collaboration across development, IT, and security teams by providing a single platform for observability and security analytics and automation.

The CEO of Rookout, Shahar Fogel, stated that integrating Rookout into the Dynatrace platform will accelerate their mission to make debugging easy and fast for developers, improving productivity and enabling engineers to spend more time delivering business value.

Dynatrace plans to provide a seamless experience for customers by embedding Rookout into its unified observability and security platform. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the company’s second quarter, which ends on September 30, 2023, and will be funded from cash on hand.

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