Dura Software Broadens Portfolio Through Acquisition of Invosys


Dura Software, a San Antonio, Texas-based private holding company, has once again expanded its portfolio with the recent acquisition of Invosys, a renowned telecom services provider based in the United Kingdom. This marks Dura Software’s 17th acquisition, highlighting its strategic approach of acquiring “hyperniche” software products. The move follows closely on the heels of Dura Software’s acquisition of Satuit Technologies, a Massachusetts-based firm specializing in asset and customer relationship management software.

Invosys, with a 15-year track record, specializes in providing technical solutions for call management. The company boasts a substantial global user base of 50,000 and has successfully managed an impressive 1 billion minutes of calls since its inception. This strategic acquisition is seen as a pivotal move by Dura Software to further solidify its presence in the U.K. market and bolster its standing in the dynamic telecom services sector.

Dura Software, founded in 2018 by Michael Girdley, Chris Burney, and Paul Salisbury, has positioned itself as a growth-oriented entity targeting companies with annual recurring revenues ranging from $2 million to $15 million. The company’s unique approach to acquiring businesses that fall between the purview of individual buyers and traditional private equity firms has propelled its growth, reaching a remarkable $43 million in revenue in 2022.

The acquisition of Invosys underscores Dura Software’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the telecom services segment, particularly within the U.K. market. Invosys, known for its expertise in call management solutions, brings 15 years of industry experience to Dura Software’s diversified portfolio.

Jane Anderson, the incoming CEO of Invosys, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “We are eager for the resources and expertise that Dura Software will afford our company, as it will enable us to accelerate our growth and enhance our product offerings to customers.”

Dura Software’s consistent growth trajectory and strategic acquisitions have not gone unnoticed. In April, the company successfully raised $50 million to fund its ongoing acquisition strategy. Dura Software currently boasts 200 employees serving more than 3,500 customers across its subsidiaries, which include notable names such as 6Connex, dbtech, Eventory, Fenestrae, Infinity, Moki, Revegy, and many others.

As Dura Software continues to strengthen its position as a key player in the software industry, the acquisition of Invosys serves as another strategic move to diversify its offerings and tap into the promising telecom services market. The company’s unique business model, coupled with a focus on “hyperniche” software solutions, positions it for sustained success in the evolving landscape of technology and software services.

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