Duetto Acquires Micerate


Duetto, a renowned global leader in revenue management systems, has announced its acquisition of Micerate, a distinguished provider of dynamic pricing and online booking tools tailored specifically for meetings and event spaces. This strategic move underscores Duetto’s steadfast commitment to dynamic revenue management solutions, with a particular focus on optimizing the groups and events sector. The acquisition further solidifies Duetto’s position as an industry leader capable of meeting the diverse needs of the hospitality landscape.

Founded in Germany, Micerate brings a wealth of expertise to the table, dedicated to delivering specialized solutions that elevate meeting space profitability and streamline booking efficiency for its valued clients. The strategic alignment between Duetto and Micerate is poised to revolutionize the way hoteliers manage and monetize event spaces, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to maximize revenue and enhance operational efficiency.

Key features of the Micerate platform include:

Strategic Revenue Optimization: The dynamic pricing of event spaces empowers hoteliers to strategically map pricing and control capacities for hotel event and meeting space. This algorithm-based pricing approach provides a sustainable boost to event and meeting space sales, enabling Duetto customers to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Effortless Sales Empowerment: Micerate’s intuitive quote generator revolutionizes the meeting and event space quoting process, making the creation of quotes and function sheets easier and more efficient. Hoteliers can dynamically engage with customers during the quote creation process, fostering meaningful connections that drive conversions.

Tailored Online Event Sales Experience: With Micerate’s personalized meeting and event space booking engine seamlessly integrated onto their brand site, hoteliers can elevate their online presence and maximize event revenue. This personalized tool not only enhances revenue generation but also champions efficiency, underscoring Duetto’s commitment to providing innovative solutions across its product suite.

The acquisition of Micerate comes at a time when investment in revenue technology is on the rise, with the 2024 Duetto annual trends and predictions report indicating a continued increase in hotel technology spending. A significant majority (71.4%) of respondents predict that hotel technology spend will continue to rise over the next three years, with a focus on price automation and group optimization.

In a year marked by resilience and growth, Duetto experienced robust expansion across key markets, with record-breaking

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