DocuPhase Acquires iPayables, a Payment Automation Technology Company


DocuPhase Acquires iPayables

DocuPhase, a provider of enterprise automation software, has announced its acquisition of iPayables, a payment automation technology company. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in DocuPhase’s mission to provide a comprehensive automation solution to its customers.

iPayables offers an advanced payment automation platform that helps companies streamline their accounts payable processes, improve their cash flow management, and reduce their processing costs. With its acquisition, DocuPhase will be able to integrate iPayables’ technology into its existing suite of automation solutions, allowing its customers to benefit from a full range of automated accounting and finance tools.

“We are thrilled to have iPayables join the DocuPhase family,” said Dan Gaertner, CEO of DocuPhase. “Their payment automation technology is a perfect complement to our existing suite of enterprise automation solutions, and we believe that the combination of our companies will offer significant benefits to our customers.”

The acquisition will also bring iPayables’ team of experienced payment automation experts into the DocuPhase organization. The two companies share a common goal of helping businesses improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs through automation, making this acquisition a natural fit.

“We are excited to join the DocuPhase team and bring our payment automation technology to a broader audience,” said Ken Virgin, CEO of iPayables. “Together, we will be able to offer a more comprehensive solution to our customers, one that combines payment automation with document management and workflow automation.”

DocuPhase was founded in 2000 and has since grown to become a leading provider of enterprise automation software. Its suite of solutions includes document management, workflow automation, and robotic process automation, among others. With the acquisition of iPayables, DocuPhase is now well-positioned to provide a complete automation solution to its customers, one that covers all aspects of the accounting and finance process.

In conclusion, the acquisition of iPayables by DocuPhase marks a significant step forward in the enterprise automation space. By combining their expertise and technologies, the two companies are well-positioned to provide a complete automation solution to their customers, one that can help businesses improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase their bottom line.

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