Docker acquires a testing startup AtomicJar


Docker has recently acquired AtomicJar, a testing startup that had previously raised $25 million in a Series A funding round in January. AtomicJar had gained attention for developing a commercial container testing platform based on a popular open-source project. Despite having significant funding and potential for growth, the startup decided to join forces with Docker.

Docker, known for pioneering containerization technology, has been expanding its offerings to include a comprehensive set of build, test, and deploy services on its platform. The acquisition of AtomicJar is aimed at bolstering Docker’s testing capabilities for developers working on projects before they reach production.

While the exact purchase price wasn’t disclosed, Docker CEO Scott Johnston highlighted that AtomicJar’s Testcontainers project was among the top 10 applications in the Docker marketplace. Testcontainers addresses a critical testing challenge by allowing developers to test against real versions of dependent software components, providing greater confidence in the accuracy of tests.

AtomicJar’s co-founder, Sergei Egorov, noted that the decision to sell the company was not driven solely by financial considerations. Despite being well-funded and having the option to continue building independently, the alignment of product vision and cultural fit between Docker and AtomicJar, along with a compelling offer, made it the right time for the acquisition.

Ed Sim, managing partner at Boldstart, an early investor in AtomicJar, expressed satisfaction with the sale, emphasizing that the startup had a lean and efficient team with strong open-source traction. AtomicJar’s Testcontainers project, created by co-founder Richard North in 2015, had garnered notable users such as Uber, Netflix, Spotify, and Capital One.

The acquisition signifies Docker’s strategic move to enhance its testing capabilities and build a more comprehensive development and deployment platform for its users.

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