Dell lays off 13,000 employees in 2023


Dell Technologies underwent significant workforce reductions throughout 2023, according to its recent filings, aligning with a trend of retrenchments seen across various industries.

In its latest filing with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dell reported a decrease in its workforce, with approximately 120,000 employees as of February 2, 2024, down from 133,000 employees in February 2023, as stated in the previous year’s filing.

The company attributed these reductions to cost-saving measures implemented during Fiscal Year 2024, including limitations on external hiring and internal reorganizations. Despite the challenges posed by these decisions, Dell emphasized its ongoing commitment to supporting its employees and fostering talent acquisition and retention efforts.

The scale of the layoffs surpassed the roughly five percent reduction previously announced by Dell, marking a more substantial workforce adjustment.

Jeff Clarke, Dell’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), initially announced the layoffs in February 2023, acknowledging the difficulty of the decision but emphasizing its necessity for the company’s long-term viability. Clarke assured that affected employees would receive support during their transition to new opportunities.

Clarke highlighted the rationale behind the layoffs, citing the need to adapt to changing market dynamics and position the company for future success. The restructuring aimed to streamline operations, enhance agility, and drive innovation, ultimately enabling Dell to deliver greater value to its customers and stakeholders.

With these adjustments, Dell joins a growing cohort of organizations undertaking widespread workforce reductions amid evolving economic conditions and industry trends.

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